Our Philosophy

Real Estate Matchmaking

Rose Capital introduces Real Estate Matchmaking in Spain, which consists of a professional, confidential and personalized treatment both in product presentation and management, in all types of real estate operations. Our agents apply these principles, thus achieving the satisfaction of reaching marked objectives for companies and individuals with whom we work.

Specialized agents

24/7 availability

Comprehensive advice

Throughout the process

Veracity of information

Maximum efficiency

Matchmaker Advisor

The advisor who accompanies you throughout the process, will listen to you, ask and answer your questions to discover what is the ideal product for your needs.

You will become part of the team, accompanied by your advisor you will feel fully informed, and with the security of being in good hands, establishing communication guidelines with your agent according to the availability and schedule you prefer, we will work to achieve the goals set.

To deal with a matchmaker advisor is to have the confidence to deal directly with the properties and with the end customer, with veracity in the information guaranteeing así the professional service provided with the most effective and confidentiality.

The goal is to implement a moreéall work where the important thing is to optimize the time of our customers. Fact that individuals and companies value and appreciate, once they confirm the effectiveness of our system of work.

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